Friday, July 28, 2017

Texas Teacher Retirement System (TRS) and Medicare

Teachers are public servants who typically devote years or decades of service and unparalleled commitment to the process of educating a new generation. Texas retired teachers receive benefits through the Teacher Retirement System of Texas (TRS), and Texas teachers’ health care benefits are administered through TRS-Care.
TRS-Care is a network-oriented health benefits program. If you use health providers who are part of the TRS-Care statewide and national network, the plan generally reimburses you for 80% of eligible expenses after your annual deductible is met. For current Medicare recipients, TRS-Care deductibles are fairly high depending on the plan. For Spouses, they range even higher.
The question comes up, “Should someone with TRS as his primary medical insurance even bother to enroll in Medicare”?  The answer is a resounding YES. When a retiree reaches 65, TRS assumes that the retiree has Medicare and pays accordingly. So, for example, if you go to the hospital or to a doctor TRS will assume that Medicare is paying 80 percent of your expenses and TRS will pay the other 20 percent minus the deductible. If you do not have Medicare to pay the remaining balance you will be responsible for it.
With changes being made to the TRS Care budget, retired teachers in Texas are estimated to face large rate increases on their coverage, possibly doubling or tripling their current premiums, deductibles, and co-pays for health care in 2018.

Less Expensive Alternatives to TRS

With the cost of TRS plans, deductibles and co-pays rising higher every year, especially for Medicare eligible spouses, looking at non-TRS alternative plans can make a huge difference in the lives of retired teachers living on fixed incomes.
Remember, once you leave TRS benefits they will not let you back in, but with their track record does this really financially matter? 


Also called Medicare Part C plans, Medicare Advantage plans are offered by Medicare-approved private companies to Medicare recipients throughout Texas. If you’re already enrolled in both Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B, you have the option of replacing your Part A and Part B coverage with similar coverage provided by your Part C plan. But there is more. A great thing about Medicare Advantage is that it can cover a wide range of services: dental, vision, hearing, and prescription drugs to name just a few, that Original Medicare does not.
Another great thing about Medicare Advantage is its affordability. There may even be a Medicare Advantage plan that doesn’t require you to pay a monthly premium! 


Medicare Supplement (or Medigap) plans are designed to help fill the gaps in Original Medicare Part A and Part B coverage. Medigap plans are sold by private insurance companies to people already enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B.
Insurance companies offering the same Medigap plans have to offer the same benefits. However, companies are free to apply their own pricing and underwriting practices. Therefore, it is important to shop the market before choosing a plan. 

In Summary

You are probably being bombarded by information about Medicare and how to supplement your current health care coverage. But before making a decision about what coverage is best for you, you can’t go wrong by comparing your Medicare plan options anomalously at It also won’t cost you a cent if you need to talk to one of our licensed, bonded senior healthcare representatives.
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Sonia Ashford is an Independent Insurance Agent in the Medicare field and has delivered hundreds of speeches about turning 65, Medicare Advantage Plans and Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans to consumers in Tarrant, Dallas & surrounding counties. A respected agent within the Medicare Insurance industry, she is the owner of Ashford Insurance Services, LLC and a Member of Agents Legacy Group, LLC. Visit Sonia's agency website: to learn more about how she can help you with your Medicare decisions. Visit to research, compare, select and enroll in Medicare Insurance Plans Online. 

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