Friday, March 10, 2017

How to Research and Enroll in a Medicare Insurance Plan using's Simple Enrollment Platform

This is a short DIY tutorial on how to research and enroll in a Medicare Insurance plan using's simple enrollment platform. We are currently licensed in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Colorado. Follow these simple steps to get your Medicare Coverage today.

1. Point your browser to "".

2. Click on "Get Started", "Log In", or "Create Account". For this demonstration, we will just click on "Get Started". However, we recommend creating an account so you can save your search with your medications and pharmacy of choice so you do not have to enter them all over again if you leave. This is optional and not required to get a quote, rates, research, or compare.

3. Here you can click on "Help Me Choose" and you will answer a few questions that will help narrow down the choices and guide you to the "right fit" plan. For our demonstration, we will just click on "View All Plans".

4. Now just enter your home residence "Zip Code" and click on "Submit".

5. Scroll down to see your plan type choices and click on the plan type you are interested in. The choices are; Medicare Advantage with Prescription Drug Coverage, Prescription Drug Plans, Medicare Advantage Plans without Prescription Drug Coverage, and Medicare Supplements, (also known as Medigap or Medsup).

6. Scroll down a little further and you will see the list of available plans. You can sort them by; "Total Estimated Cost",  "Plan Premium",  or "Medicare Star Rating". Please note you may select up to three plans at a time to perform a side by side comparison that will highlight differences in yellow.

7. Please be aware that the "Total Estimated Cost" figures will be much more accurate if you "Add Your Drugs". This will help you select your Prescriptions, quantity, and frequency to get a more accurate "Total Estimated Cost" amount.

8.  At any time you can click on the "Physician Finder" or "Pharmacy Finder" at the bottom of the page under the Helpfull Tools section. This will allow you to see if your Doctor or Pharmacy accepts the plan.

9. Lastly, when you are ready you can select the "Enroll in this Plan" button. This will either allow you to go directly to the plan carriers Enrollment Page or, ask you to phone us on the 1-888-457-1794 (TTY 711) number. If you have to call us we can either fax, email, or post mail you the enrollment kit with a self-addressed return envelope. If you live near the D/FW area we can come visit you with the enrollment kit. You may call us at any time during the enrollment process if you have questions.

Sonia Ashford

Sonia Ashford is an Independent Insurance Agent in the Medicare field and has delivered hundreds of speeches about turning 65, Medicare Advantage Plans and Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans to consumers in Tarrant, Dallas & surrounding counties. A respected agent within the Medicare Insurance industry, she is the owner of Ashford Insurance Services, LLC and a Member of Agents Legacy Group, LLC. Visit Sonia's agency website: to learn more about how she can help you with your Medicare decisions. Visit to research, compare, select and enroll in Medicare Insurance Plans Online. 

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