Thursday, April 28, 2016

Question: Is Medicare Supplement Plan G a Better Deal Than Plan F?

Is Medicare Supplement Plan G a Better Deal Than Plan F?

This is a common question for seniors in the market for Medigap coverage and/or turning 65. If you take into account that Plan G is often $20-40 a month less than Plan F, It is certainly a question worth considering.

Please understand that Medigap plans are standardized. Medigap plans from all companies go by a standardized Medigap coverage chart dictated by CMS. So, a Plan G with one company is exactly the same as a Plan G with any other company. Some companies do offer a few extra benefits.

Here are three great reasons why you should consider Plan G:

1) In most cases you could save money. The only difference between a Plan F and a Plan G is coverage of Medicare’s Part B doctor’s office/outpatient deductible. In 2016, this deductible is $166 a year. The premium difference between an ‘F’ and a ‘G’ is generally greater than that $166 a year amount. Occasionally, there is as much as $300-400 difference annually, which would mean a couple hundred dollars savings a year for you.

2) Medigap Plan G rates are historically more stable over time. This means that, over time, there could be fewer and or smaller rate increases.

3) Lastly, recent legislation has impacted the “first-dollar” coverage plans (Plan F and Plan C) but not Plan G. Plan G has not been impacted by these changes. So, Plan G appears to be the better long-term choice.

If you have any questions about Medicare Supplement Plans or simply would like to get a Texas Medicare Supplement comparison of the plans for your age and zip code, you can Sonia Ashford at 817-689-3536. 

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