Monday, February 29, 2016

You Don't have a Dental / Vision Plan?

Why do I need dental and vision insurance coverage?

If you are in the market for dental and vision insurance and find yourself asking, "Why do I need it?" consider the advantages to your overall health. Our oral and ocular health can be key indicators in detecting early stages of many health risks and diseases along with preventing many other health issues:

Security Life understands that your needs are unique

We're committed to finding you the dental and vision plans that meets your needs. Our PrimeStar dental and vision insurance plans offer affordable coverage with instant free online quotes, coverage for individuals 18+ (including seniors), no online enrollment fees and a 30 day customer satisfaction guarantee.

PrimeStar dental insurance plans also offer:

Two dental exams and cleanings per year
Up to $2,000 calendar year Maximum Benefit
Maximum Care Network with over 200,000
access points nationwide

PrimeStar vision insurance plans also offer:

One exam each year
No waiting periods for immediate coverage
VSP or EyeMed networks for the greatest savings

Click the PrimeStar box for a FREE Quote!

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