Monday, February 8, 2016

The RightFit for you.

The RightFit for you.

People with Medicare insurance benefits often ask us what the best plan is. It's hard for anyone to know what the best is without a crystal ball or without seeing into the future. So we present them with the available insurance options and choices in a way that gives them the opportunity to identify the insurance plan that is the RightFit for them. RightFit is our term meaning assisting our clients with identifying and enrolling in the insurance contract that has the appropriate benefits, terms and conditions for their unique needs at a cost they can accept.  Just like with shoes, not everyone wears the same size, so the RightFit for one person may not fit the next.

We listen to our clients with respect for their concerns. We identify the benefits, terms and conditions of those insurance plans that offer the solutions to their problems. We help clients find the peace of mind that they are doing the right thing and getting the RightFit. Time spent with us is time well spent.

RightFit agents never charge a fee for our services. Reviewing your options with us and allowing us to submit your enrollment costs you the same as any other enrollment option. We are paid by the insurance companies we represent, but our passion is to assist you in finding the RightFit for your needs!

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