Monday, February 29, 2016

You Don't have a Dental / Vision Plan?

Why do I need dental and vision insurance coverage?

If you are in the market for dental and vision insurance and find yourself asking, "Why do I need it?" consider the advantages to your overall health. Our oral and ocular health can be key indicators in detecting early stages of many health risks and diseases along with preventing many other health issues:

Security Life understands that your needs are unique

We're committed to finding you the dental and vision plans that meets your needs. Our PrimeStar dental and vision insurance plans offer affordable coverage with instant free online quotes, coverage for individuals 18+ (including seniors), no online enrollment fees and a 30 day customer satisfaction guarantee.

PrimeStar dental insurance plans also offer:

Two dental exams and cleanings per year
Up to $2,000 calendar year Maximum Benefit
Maximum Care Network with over 200,000
access points nationwide

PrimeStar vision insurance plans also offer:

One exam each year
No waiting periods for immediate coverage
VSP or EyeMed networks for the greatest savings

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Monday, February 22, 2016

Things to Consider While Shopping for a Medigap Plan

If you are shopping for a Medicare Supplement (Medigap) plan, your RightFitPlan Agent will be able to share the key differences between the insurance companies offering these plans.
Some of the things to compare between Insurance Companies are:

How long the company has been in the Medigap business?

How long the company has been offering plans in your state of residence?

What is the current financial rating (AM Best) for the company?

What does the 3-year history of the company’s Medical loss ratio look like and how does it compare to the national average?

How many enrollees does the company’s Medigap plan(s) have?

What is the history of rate increases for the past 3 years look like?

How is the company’s history of customer complaints?

Do they offer additional non-Medicare covered benefits like a Gym Membership, out of country travel benefits or the ability to change inside the company’s plans from one plan to another without going through Underwriting?

Note: You must still continue to pay for your Medicare Part B premium

As you can see there is more to think about when it comes to Medigap Plans than initial cost or whether you want a Plan F or a Plan G.

For more information click on the image below:

For personalized assistance in choosing which insurance company and plan, please call:

Sonia Ashford
(817) 689-3536

Thursday, February 18, 2016

What to look for in a Medicare Advantage Plan

If you are shopping for a Medicare Advantage plan, your RightFitPlan Agent will take the time to review the key differences between each plan available to you so YOU can make an informed decision. 

Here are some the key differences to look for between plans:

Does your current Doctor and Specialists accept the plan?

The number of Doctors and Hospitals and which ones that are ‘In-Network.’

Do the Doctors have their own Networks within the plans Network?

Will you be required to have a referral from your Primary Physician to see a Specialist?

What are the co-pays for Doctors and Specialist visits?

Is the plan an HMO or PPO and how will that effect how you can get service?

The rules and extra cost you may incur for using providers out of network.

The plan’s premium for both the health and prescription drug part of the plan?

What will the out of pocket costs be for the specific prescription medications you take?

What is the Maximum Out Of Pocket limit for both in-network and in/out of Network services?

What is the daily cost for an Inpatient Hospital stay?

What will the costs be for Skilled Nursing Care?

What is your co-insurance for Durable Medical Equipment?

What is the plan’s Star rating for health and for prescription drug coverage?

Are there any Travel benefits?

Does the plan have any vision or dental benefits?

How hard is it to find an Urgent Care provider?

Check the out of pocket costs for any other key service you may use more than once per plan year.

Do the plans have any non-Medicare covered benefits like a gym membership?

Note: You must still continue to pay for your Medicare Part B premium

These are some of the things to look at when comparing Medicare Advantage plans.
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For personalized help in finding the RightFitPlan call:

Sonia Ashford

(817) 689-3536

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Sonia Ashford's Medicare Insurance Broker Biography

I'm Sonia Ashford, I was first influenced to pursue a career in insurance by a close family friend who was an agent working in the Medicare field. Unfortunately he passed away soon after I was licensed. I then went to work for a Property & Casualty company for a short 3 year period. I was drawn back to the Medicare field when my Grandmother needed help with her Medicare insurance. It was so rewarding to experience how much I was able to help her with her healthcare. I have since had the joy of helping many clients with their insurance healthcare needs. I look forward to being able to partner with you.

I have been in the Texas Insurance business since 2005. I've been married to John Ashford since 1982. We have six children. Our youngest is a Senior at Trinity High School. We have nine grandchildren we love to spoil. In my spare time I enjoy quilting and crafting. We have several pets at home including freshwater fish along with two dogs, a Brussels Griffon named Tuxedo and a Havanese Shih Tzu named Precious.

I can be reached at: 


Monday, February 8, 2016

The RightFit for you.

The RightFit for you.

People with Medicare insurance benefits often ask us what the best plan is. It's hard for anyone to know what the best is without a crystal ball or without seeing into the future. So we present them with the available insurance options and choices in a way that gives them the opportunity to identify the insurance plan that is the RightFit for them. RightFit is our term meaning assisting our clients with identifying and enrolling in the insurance contract that has the appropriate benefits, terms and conditions for their unique needs at a cost they can accept.  Just like with shoes, not everyone wears the same size, so the RightFit for one person may not fit the next.

We listen to our clients with respect for their concerns. We identify the benefits, terms and conditions of those insurance plans that offer the solutions to their problems. We help clients find the peace of mind that they are doing the right thing and getting the RightFit. Time spent with us is time well spent.

RightFit agents never charge a fee for our services. Reviewing your options with us and allowing us to submit your enrollment costs you the same as any other enrollment option. We are paid by the insurance companies we represent, but our passion is to assist you in finding the RightFit for your needs!

Friday, February 5, 2016

Why Use A RightFitPlan Medicare Insurance Agent

Independent Agents don’t work for any specific insurance carrier, we work for you and will be compensated by the carriers.

Independent  must take additional training, classes and testing for each and every insurance carrier they represent.

An Independent  Agent's goal is to find the right plan to fit your lifestyle, selecting from a large pool of choices, rather than just one or two insurance carriers, it's one stop shopping.

Independent  Agents are just that, independent – we typically work alone and service our clients 7 days a week, whatever it takes to get the job done – our work isn’t a “9 to 5”, it’s a lifestyle.

Independent  Agent's are 100% commission based – in a normal sales environment this may be bad for a shopper, but with Medicare, it’s in a Broker’s best interest to service their clients to a much higher standard versus an agent that is on a fixed salary. If we don’t keep our clients happy, they’ll go elsewhere and our income goes away. This is one of the reasons we go out of our way to meet our clients at THEIR convenience, not based on what hours our company expects us to work.

As you can see, it benefits you to use an Independent  Medicare Insurance Agent.  When you are ready, give me a call.

 Sonia Ashford: (817)689-3536