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The Damaging Side Effects Of Bad Teeth

The Damaging Side Effects Of Bad Teeth

Published by Wayzata Dental Staff at 11:21 am under Dental Health

We all know what bad teeth are like – they are painful. And that’s often when we only have a small cavity. What must it be like to have teeth that are decayed to the gum level? Bad teeth can have detrimental effects to people’s health far beyond just a tooth ache. Consider some of these side effects:

Bad headaches. Decayed teeth can cause headaches although they are generally not ‘true’ headaches. Often the pain radiates up the jaw to the ear and into the scalp causing what feels like a severe headache.

Throat infections. Bad teeth means there is bacteria thriving in the mouth. These can lead to sore throats through a wide range of throat infections.

Stomach problems. There are a wide range of stomach problems that can be caused by bad teeth. If teeth are sore then chewing becomes problematic, leading to partially chewed food being swallowed. This can lead to problems such as heartburn or indigestion. Bacteria entering the stomach from decayed teeth can also create problems.

Heart disease. You may think it strange that bad teeth is in any way linked to heart disease – yet it is. There are many diseases of the heart and many of them relate to a bacterial infection. How does the bacteria get to the heart? Through the blood stream, and the starting point is through your gums. Bad teeth invariably mean poor gums and poor gums provide an open doorway for bacteria to invade the inner body.

Poor teeth can have a general effect on a patient’s body. While bacterial infections can be bad, add to these poor digestive health and a general feeling of being run down and bacteria suddenly find a weakened host that is easy to attack.

If you have teeth with even the slightest decay, see your dentist. In many cases, the decay can be removed and a filling put in to seal the hole. Other forms of dental restoration could be considered although in some cases the tooth may need removing, but this is a last option – however, it is an option that is better than some of the side effects you could suffer.

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